One Doesn’t Have to Hate Donald Trump Just to See He Is Really Bad at His Job

One Doesn’t Have to Hate Donald Trump Just to See He Is Really Bad at His Job

As President Trump concludes his first 100 days in office, there is concern among those who voted for him that he is not living up to his campaign promises, namely with jobs, border security, debt and health care.

The largest issue was Trump’s inability to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with a better plan. In March, his proposed health bill, which would have eliminated coverage for 14 million and drastically driven up costs, failed to be passed. Rather than revising the bill, Trump decided to leave the ACA in place.

The president’s approach to border security has also drawn ire and criticism. He underestimated the cost of a southern border wall while insisting that Mexico would eventually pay for it. The reality is a wall would not be more effective than the fence that is already in place.

Trump’s travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries, none of which have been involved in terror attacks against the U.S., resulted in interrogations, detentions and deportations. The ban, and a revised follow-up order, have been blocked by federal judges.

While campaigning, Trump claimed that both Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton were being controlled by investment bank Goldman Sachs. After taking office, he immediately appointed five executives from that bank to top-level positions in his cabinet.

The promised tax cut plan for the middle class has led to a proposed plan that would benefit the wealthy. In addition, the budget that would make the tax plan possible removes support for job training and economic development in needy areas, such as Appalachia and the southern states.

Trump said he wanted to reduce the national debt but now wants to increase military spending by $54 billion. He also wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. When combined with his tax cut plan, both would drive the national debt beyond $10 trillion by 2027.

A number of those who voted for Trump last November are now worried that his current path is placing the country into a position of weakness, leading to a battle cry for the next election cycle.

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