Old Man Opens His Fridge And Finds THIS Inside – So He Calls The Cops Straight Away…

Old Man Opens His Fridge And Finds THIS Inside – So He Calls The Cops Straight Away…

People who live in small towns often have a great sense of community, and many will go out of their way to help their neighbors. A group of police officers in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee performed a heartwarming act of kindness when they received a call from an elderly man asking if they could bring him some groceries.

The town of Mount Pleasant only has about 5,000 residents, and it is located near the Appalachia border. It’s the perfect example of a close-knit community of people who help each other out during hard times. One day in January 2016, the police received a call from the elderly man, who explained that he hadn’t eaten for two days because a former caretaker stole his debit card. He had no money to buy groceries, and it had been a harsh winter. Transportation was difficult, and he had no way of getting food for himself.

After the officers heard his full story, they quickly sprung into action. They paid out-of-pocket to purchase $160 worth of groceries to stock up the man’s kitchen for a month, and they brought the food to his home and put the groceries away for him. Their timing was perfect, too, as a huge snowstorm hit the next week.

The police involved were Officers Odom, Gray, Runion, and Bolton. In addition to just helping out this one man, they started a food pantry to collect canned goods for other Mount Pleasant residents in need. They also located and arrested the caregiver who stole the man’s money.

These officers truly care about the wellbeing of their community, and their act of kindness went a long way. Their story is a great reminder that it’s easy to help those in need, but it can make a huge impact on their lives.

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