Obama Schools Trump On Diplomacy, Gets Four Hostages Freed By Iran Without Firing A SINGLE Shot

Obama Schools Trump On Diplomacy, Gets Four Hostages Freed By Iran Without Firing A SINGLE Shot

There is nothing more fulfilling than having peace of mind or the feeling of knowing that you are free to go anywhere without feeling threatened. The threat of terrorism has been jeopardizing this, few places in the world seem safe… As can be attested by the attacks in the main cities of the world like New York, Paris and even threats of attacks in Germany. But when an act of diplomacy manages to avert a war eventuality, then it must be applauded and encouraged. That is what happened when President Obama’s administration brokered a deal that has been ongoing for several decades involving the USA government and Iran.

The United States government successfully convinced the Iranian government to free five American citizens that have been held up in captivity. Although the deal also meant that the USA government parted with seven citizens of Iran who had also been held by the USA government, the deal is being viewed as a win-win. As a show of goodwill, the exchange is seen as a triumph as it did not involve any bloodshed. The Iran citizens released were not being held in terrorism suspension, but they were arrested as a result of the violation of financial sanction.

However, the right wing led by politician Donald Trump did not take the news lightly. Mr. Trump has been on the Obama’s government case criticizing it for no apparent reason. Following the exchange, Donald Trump will have to get another agenda as people have become impressed by the way the government conducted itself in this process.

The Obama government has been working tirelessly to ensure that the Middle East achieves peace. Although Donald Trump and his team have been vocal in criticizing the government, we can’t fail to notice that his agenda is baseless and would result in a failufre of much greater proportions. As the president continues to try to bring peace to the Middle East through negotiation, Trump and company continue scoffing the idea claiming that the USA government was cheated out of the deal. This is because only five American citizens were released versus seven Iranian nationals.

In an unrelated news that the Trump team is trying to make a propaganda from, the US government unfroze $150 billion for use to the Iranian government. The money was released after a deal that was brokered by the Hague Tribunal. It turns out the deal has been successful for more than three decades with secret talks going on between the two countries. The secret talks have been viewed by many as a success as the strategy worked well without any bloodshed. The deal also saw the Iranian government disable the reactors for producing uranium.

The deal represents one of the latest triumphs against terrorism as it evaded blood bath and also created a warm that will be instrumental in ensuring both countries have peace. Although the USA government did not receive an ally, it can be noted that it also has gotten rid of one of its enemies. It can, therefore, be concluded that democracy in modern day is a vital component of peace.

In conclusion, a war is not won in a single day. However, good will is something that can be achieved through diplomacy. The act of diplomacy was manifested through the act of peace that both countries were a party to.

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