Nurse Hands New Mother Her Baby Girl – But THIS Is Written On The Baby…

Building lifelong memories with your family a foundation for living fulfilling life. Some memories stand out from the rest and avoid falling into the forgotten, while many just become another day in the life. Perhaps no one understands this idea better than 18 year old Michael Miles, a man from a small town in southern Mississippi called Seminary, with a population of just 314 people.

He knew he was going to ask his girlfriend of over fours years, Triston Lowery, to marry him. She was pregnant with their child at the time, so Michael decided to make the proposal a moment that his soon-to-be fiancé couldn’t possibly forget. On October 16th, the night after their first child had been born, Michael proposed to Triston in what soma are calling one of the sweetest proposals ever captured on film.

When a nurse handed Triston her baby girl for the first time that morning she was shocked to read the words written across the front of the baby’s onesie. “Will you marry my daddy?” was hand written in purple glitter on the garment. The hormonal rollercoaster of childbirth had left her in a state of extreme emotionality, so she only stared at her daughter, Lynleigh, completely shocked by the sight. Then to her left she noticed Michael standing beside her. He held up an engagement ring, and Triston broke down in tears at the emotional scene.

Not only did she gain a beautiful baby daughter, but within the same 24 hour period she also gained a husband. Triston says that she expected a proposal either during the pregnancy or after the birth of Lynleigh, but the timing of her new fiancé was perfect to imprint a strong, memorable occasion for the couple to treasure for the rest of their lives.

The entire scene was caught on camera, originally to be shown to family and friends, but Michael’s mother posted the video to her Facebook page and shared it with the public, and it went viral within a matter of hours. By the time they left the hospital later that day nearly all of southern Mississippi had seen the video, which was viewed over 1.3 million times on the social networking site. Michael happily gave the credit for the idea to his mother, whom he says helped him decide how to propose.

The couple plans on an extended engagement as Triston is still working on gaining her nursing degree, which may take longer than they originally anticipated now that they have a newborn to care for. Both the mother and the daughter are healthy, and the new family looks forward to a long and fulfilling life together.

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