Now That I Was Shown This Video, My Life Can Be Saved If I’m Ever In This Situation

In recent years, stories about people being kidnapped have exploded in the news. One search online can show you just how many people are taken against their will every year. It can happen to anyone, not just children. Thinking about this can be a very scary thing. Instead of living in fear though, you should learn how to handle serious situations like this so that you can save your life, if necessary.

For example, this young lady has found a very simple way to break free from your captive if he or she zip ties your hands together. Take a look at how she frees herself in under a minute with one move that could save her life! While this will probably not happen to you, it is still a good thing to know because you can’t predict situations like this. Every parent should make their children watch this Every parent should make their child watch this video as a safety measure.

As shown in the video, the young girl describes how to break the zip ties quickly. She instructs you to put the connections in the space between your wrists.

The next move is very important to follow carefully because if performed in the wrong manner, it can seriously injure you. She explains this, showing you the wrong way first. Then, she tells you to know where your hips are and slam your arms downward using your hips and weight to break the restraints. This simple move can be a life saver!

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