No One Bought His Teddy Bear For Sale, Until Angelina Jolie unexpectedly Pulls Up

Twins Brandon and Allen Alexander had outgrown their gigantic teddy bear and decided to sell it. With a little help from their dad, Tim, the boys placed the bear in front of their home and stood in the street with signs, trying to get people to buy it for $50. After several hours and no takers, the pair were becoming discouraged.

Just when they were about to give up, a large white car pulled over to the curb. An attractive woman got out and approached the family, asking about the bear.

Tim was shocked because he instantly recognized the woman as a very famous actress, but his sons did not know who she was at all. Even more astonishing, when she was told the price for the bear, she paid double the amount, giving each boy a $50 bill.

The woman was none other than Angelina Jolie, and she bought the huge stuffed toy for her daughter, Shiloh.

The trio was amazed that Jolie simply pulled over and talked to them like old friends, and Tim was especially pleased at how well she treated his children. He said the incident will make an entertaining family story for generations to come.

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