No One Believed Granny Could Do A Double Back Flip. So They Decided To Film It. LOL!

If you had a 90 year old woman telling you that you could do a double backflip, you would probably not believe her at all. We generally do not think of people at this age being able to perform acrobatic maneuvers.

However, in this video, a 90 year old grandmother tells her friends that she can do a double backflip. Obviously, they do not believe her, but she proves them wrong, and she does so in the most hilarious way.

In the video, the woman turns her back to her friends, and just when it looks like she is about to do a backflip, she does a very different kind of a back flip.

She sticks both of her middle fingers up at done with her back turned to them. Of course, everybody laughs, and she has proven them wrong in a way that no one would have expected. This is truly amusing to watch, and it is surprising because of the way that it ends.

It is great that a woman of this age can still maintain such a raucous sense of humor. She is clearly young at heart, and this will mean that she will likely be happy for the rest of her life. Her children and grandchildren are so lucky to have such a fun grandmother around, who can make people laugh so easily. We could definitely all learn something from this older woman, who still maintains a very high spirit even at her very advanced age.

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