News Anchor Destroys Duggars For Using Religion As An Excuse For Child Molestation

News Anchor Destroys Duggars For Using Religion As An Excuse For Child Molestation

Sexual deviancy can be manifest in a number of ways in the life of a person. The point to remember is that it is very treatable with behavioral therapy designed to help a person confront the root causes which underlie their deviant actions.

Trained therapists in this form of therapy will readily admit that religion can play vital role in helping a sexually deviant person recover. This is because a religious setting can provide a system of support. The moral codes and ethics taught in the setting provide an opportunity to foster healthy behaviors to replace the ones which otherwise nurture improper thinking and motivations.

However, these same therapists will also quickly state that religion can be a hindrance to a sexually deviant person’s recovery if it is used as a cover to avoid dealing with the real underlying issues. In this case, they classify such religious observance as being religiosity. Naturally, this type of practice is deemed unhealthy and not beneficial to the patient. Ultimately, this is what Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld was getting at when he recently criticized the Duggar family over how they handled their son’s molestation of his sisters.

Gutfeld took issue with the Duggar family and their supporters for standing behind their teenage son’s molestation of his sisters by claiming they prayed him out of his sexually deviant behavior. The host of the show “The Five” then went on to claim that defenders of the Duggar family were prejudiced in their support merely because they are Christian. He openly questioned whether supporters would feel the same way if the Duggar family were Muslim. Gutfeld answered that promptly by saying Duggar family supporters such as Mike Huckabee would take issue with them if the family if they were of a different religion.

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