Newborn Twins Cry Out In Their Crib – Thats When Mom Notices The Sister’s Hand…

The bond between siblings is special, but the bond between twins is even more unique. If anyone has any doubts about that they can check out YouTuber Twin Mom’s newly viral video. It only lasts forty seconds, but those forty seconds capture the sweetest interaction between two newborn siblings.

The day started out perfectly normal, and then Twin Mom laid her six-week-old babies down together for a nap. When she walked out of the room, her son started to cry and was becoming fussy. Twin Mom was about to walk back into the room to comfort him when the baby monitor showed her something that warmed her heart.

The baby girl was ready to take a nap, but her brother was being just a bit to noisy for her to really enjoy it. To calm him, she offered up her thumb. Once he realized he could use it as a pacifier he was able to settle down. Some viewers say this is her first loving act as a sister, but others are just calling it a happy accident.

Twin Mom posted this precious video on YouTube with a description that said, “My six-week-old fussed when I went in the other room so his twin sister took care of the situation.” We will never know the motivation behind her daughter sharing her thumb, but whatever her reasoning it was a precious interaction between newborn twins that their mother was lucky to have been able to capture on video via the baby monitor.

This adorable video has quickly gone viral with almost 200,000 views in just one week. Twin Mom must have felt this short clip was too cute not to share, and we do too. If this video brightened your day, please share it so you can spread the joy and put a smile on your friends’ and families’ faces.

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