New York’s Cannibal Cop Was Just Given One Insane Ruling By The Judge On The Case

When you think of a cannibal, you likely picture some serial murderer dismantling human bodies and freezing them or frying them up for dinner. Who knows what drives someone to eat another person – sometimnes it is survival, sometimes it is tradition, and sometimes it is something far more sinister… Cannibals don’t belong on our streets. But one man, who has recently been labeled the “Cannibal Cop”, was set free by the ruling judge and released back into society. Some are calling the judges’s ruling insane.

The man’s name is Gilberto Valle, and in 2013, he was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap and has a previous conviction of accessing a computer, which violated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. His wife discovered images and messages on his computer with details about how the man wanted to kidnap women, torture, kill and cook them. This led to the charges that brought him to court. His own wife was among the people who he’d specified that he wanted to kill…

One of the ways that Valle was able to find the women was by using state and federal databases. There was a document on his computer entitled “Abducting and Cooking” with the name of each person, the weight, birthday, bra size and other information that was rather personal. After he found the women he wanted to kill, he made another list of the best way to cook them. There was another man involved who Valle told he would pay for his help in kidnapping the women at which point Valle started doing research on how to actually get to his first victim.

When Valle finally went to court over these insane charges, the judge, for whatever reason cut him loose. Prosecutors appealed, and even though the case made it to the Supreme Court, judges still agree that the man would walk free. The evidence was presented to the court in pieces, which helped Valle’s case. And while it may not be a crime to discuss murdering and eating people, it is the kind of behavior that precipitates actually murdering and eating someone.

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