New Video of Trump Supporters: ‘When He Wins, We’re Gonna Burn Every Single Ni**er’

Although the veil of the hate-speak of Trump supporters is already paper-thin (make that thinner than the transparent wings of the flesh fly), the vitriolic comments casually spewed out over the citizen’s band radios of a convoy of Trump enthusiasts traveling from Wrentham to Foxboro, Massachusetts attest to the true nature of these folk.

These racist, hateful comments are often said to be taken out of context. In order to quash that argument, the following is a verbatim transcription of the CB interchange. Be forewarned, the language and intent of the comments are extremely disturbing.

What do you guys think about Barrack Obama?

F***king Ni**er.

Lynch the ni**gers by their dicks!

Yo, we got this comin’ out the speakers on bluetooth and that was wicked loud, and it was awesome!

Burn every single ni**er!

[Name] is too busy f**king blowin’ the driver of his truck, so he can’t talk right now.

Will somebody bring me a beer? I’m kind of thirsty [inaudible]

Hey [name], you want to use my c*ck as a vape?

All I know is they got plenty of trees to hang ni**ers from. So let’s get them Black Lives Matter mother fu**ers out here.

Lynch em!

Who’s the [inaudible] that’s blowing clouds with his vape in front of me?

What do you guys think about Black Lives Matter?

Hey [name], F*ck you for [inaudible] my truck!

We got to god damn shoot all of those god damn Black Lives Matter.

Who the f*ck are you?

I don’t think about Black Lives Matter cause it just don’t really matter at all to me.

They’re god damn terrorists.

[inaudible] an army truck. It’s just roasting coal.

Shut up [name]!

F*cking monkey!

Did anybody bring a piñata?

Just curious, how many crowd killers we have in this convoy just in case?


Hey, can we try to hurry things up? I’m starting to overheat up here.

Yo, who brought the rope to lynch the blacks?

Yo, why don’t we just use the blacks for piñatas? They’re good enough.

We got zip ties.

We got a tow rope.

We got chains.

Hang em with all their EBT cards.

I got ten gallons of gasoline in the bed of my truck.

Tug of war.

Now all we’re missing is [inaudible]

Place your bets here two to one on [name]

Black people are great. I think everyone should own one.

Don’t worry. I got the lynching rope. I got the handcuffs. I got the Taser.

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