New Poll Confirms No One But Trump Fans Cares About Hillary’s Emails

A newly released poll indicates that 64 percent of American voters are not concerned about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Approximately 21 million people have already cast early votes and according to an article in The Guardian newspaper, those most influenced by the email situation are Republicans because Democrats have already made up their minds about Clinton.

Those most loyal to Clinton consider the recent discovery of emails involving Huma Abedin, an aide to Clinton, and her spouse, Anthony Weiner, to be irrelevant. The FBI has stated that unless there is evidence of a cover up or ill intent, there is no reason to re-open the investigation.

Senator Bernie Sanders referred to the Clinton emails as a mountain of “minutiae” that is being further spun by Donald Trump. He said voters are concerned with the larger issues of trade policies, the economy and the future of healthcare reform.

With only six days remaining before the election, the country is weary of a contentious and controversial campaign for the White House. Trump is unlikely to win and is using anything he can to discredit his opponent although this strategy did not work during the primaries or debates. At this point, the will of the American people seems to be with Hillary Clinton.

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