New Pizza Box Contains A Movie Projector Inside. And All You Need To Use It Is Your Phone!

You may like it plain or loaded. Perhaps you prefer getting to the meat of the matter or simply vegging out. Whichever way you want your pizza, one of the Hong Kong branches of Pizza Hut will deliver it. When you receive the order, it will include your entertainment for the evening as well as your dinner.

The pizza currently arrives in a limited-edition “Blockbuster Box” with a special lens that acts as a projector for your smartphone. The lens is attached to the small, plastic pizza saver and can turn your wall into a makeshift movie screen in four easy steps.

  • Punch the perforated hole out of the side of the box.
  • Place the lens snugly into the hole.
  • Scan the QR code on the side of the box with your smartphone to download a movie short.
  • Position your smartphone in the center of the box facing the lens. Use the pizza saver to balance it.

You can choose between four distinct Blockbuster Boxes according to the movie genre you desire. For an action film, select the “Fully Loaded” box. If you’re looking for romance, ask for “Hot and Ready”. The “Slice Night” box comes with a scary flick while “Anchovy Armageddon” caters to the sci-fi crowd.

Although you’ll probably need either bluetooth speakers or an audio cable to get the full effect, this one-of-a-kind treat from Pizza Hut will certainly liven up your night. Hopefully, this phenomenon will become available in the U.S. sometime soon.

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