Neighbors Are Disgusted With Her Messy Home. Who Shows Up Days With Shocking News? Wow

At ninety years old, Agnes Maples was faced with a hardship she wasn’t sure how to deal with. For years, a relative of hers had been storing a lot of junk on her property including broken appliances, old furniture, and a deteriorating trailer. Eventually, her neighbors caught on, complaining about the home. That’s when the city decided to charge her $2,500 in fines if she didn’t have the trash removed.

The news was devastating to Agnes, as she could not remove the trash herself in her condition. Not only that, but there would be no way she could pay such fees. Her home was already falling apart with a leaking roof and inadequate air-conditioning that she couldn’t afford to replace. But there was still hope. Agnes got on the phone and called Operation Blessing, a non-profit dedicated to helping those in need.

Without question, Operation Blessing agreed to clean up the mess. The volunteers swarmed Agnes’ home, doing away with years of clutter and rot. “They’re angels,” says Agnes. “They came in, cleaned out all the stuff. They tore the sheds down, tore the trailer down, and had taken everything out.” But that’s not all Agnes’ angels had in store for her.

To her surprise, Operation Blessing repaired her roof to stop water and uninvited critters from getting through. She was also gifted with a new air-condition, allowing her to experience the comfort she deserves. Along with the essentials, Operation Blessing also aimed to beautify Agnes’ home. They installed flowerbeds, as well as a brick pathway leading to the backyard. Their efforts are proof that not all angels have wings.

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