Navy Vet Hears Grandma Screaming Outside, Sees A Man Forcing Her To The Ground

In these unsettled times, some criminals are making bold attacks on unsuspecting citizens. One 76 year old woman was shocked when she was suddenly attacked in broad daylight while shopping at her local Floridian grocery store. Fortunately, she was rescued by the services of an upstanding young man who used to work in the navy.

When Kendrick Taylor was going to the grocery store, he suddenly heard screaming. Instead of running away from the potential danger, he rushed in to see if her could help. When he reached the sources of the screams, he saw a little old woman being assaulted by a thief. The thief was clearly startled when Kendrick showed up to help, so he immediately quit attacking the old woman. The thief grabbed her purse and then tried to flee on his bicycle. He would have gotten away, but Kendrick sprang into action.

After making sure the woman was not injured, Kendrick chased after the suspect on foot. Since he was a navy veteran, Kendrick was actually fit enough to catch up with the person fleeing on the bicycle. Kendrick stopped his bike, tackled the would-be-thief, and the called the police. The thief quickly stopped fighting back because Kendrick was clearly far stronger than he was.

Kendrick retained the purse snatcher until the police showed up. He learned that the robber was already on probation for previous crimes, and so the police promptly arrested him. The robber ended up in prison after being charged with robbery and battery of a person over the age of 65. Thanks to Kendrick’s quick actions, the senior citizen was unharmed and received her belongings again.

The Orlando Orange County Sheriff’s Office was impressed by Kendrick’s behavior. They decided to award him with a Medal of Merit for his brave defense of the elderly woman. Despite all the awards, Kendrick does not feel the need to brag about his actions. He says that he was just doing what anyone else would do in the situation. The navy veteran explains that he saw her being attacked and thought, “What if that was my Grandma?” Therefore, he did not hesitate to help her out.

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