“My Daughter Is Not Transgender – She’s Just a Tomboy.”

“My Daughter Is Not Transgender – She’s Just a Tomboy.”

One mother is getting tired of people calling her daughter a boy. Her daughter wants to be referred to as a girl, but she enjoys dressing in boy’s clothing. Most of her friends are boys. The girl’s pediatrician also asked if the girl was transgender or has gender-identity issues. The mother’s response is the same every time. Her daughter does not want to be a boy. She just prefers to dress in boy’s clothing. She is a tomboy.

The mother says that her daughter is gender non-conforming. She does not want to fit into just one mold. She also stated that many millennials have a skewed idea of how gender roles should work. The mother often wonders whether gender roles would exist if children were left alone. For example, she wonders whether a little boy would wear pink. Many men consider it taboo to wear pink because it is not a masculine color.

The mother stated that if her daughter does want to be a girl, then she will be supportive of her daughter’s decision. Even though the girl is only 7-years-old, she already understands women’s rights and is supportive of the issues. The mother stated that while we celebrate transgender rights and issues, we need to be more supportive of girls who decide to be tomboys.

The mother is proud of the fact that her daughter is happy and confident with her body. She also stated that her daughter is her heroine.

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