Mutual Trust, The Incredible Bond Between Woman and Horse!

Dogs and cats are small animals that most people can build a mutual trust with. It seems like a natural connection, especially with a dog. It does not seem as natural when it comes to larger breeds of animals such as horses. Stephanie is a woman who set out to prove that humans and horses can have mutual trust.

A video posted online shows the woman lying down with the horses. Her head is lying on one horse while the second horse lays its head on her lap.

On the journey through the video, she allows the horse to give her kisses, lays her legs across the other horse and pets its snout. She also glides her hand across the horses head, even over its eyes. After these amazing shots of trust between the horses and the woman, she stands on both horses as they continue to lie down.

The horses and the woman were relaxed, a sure sign of trust and love. This is a truly amazing video that sheds light on the nature of domesticated animals and humans. Stephanie was not afraid to show her love for horses and they were not afraid to show their love for her.

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