Murdered Doctor Discovered Cancer-Causing Enzyme Has Been Added To THIS World Wide Consumed Item

The often heated rhetoric that surrounds the idea of vaccinating children (or adults) has led to charges that the deaths of holistic doctors in Florida are related to their stance against vaccinations. In each of these cases, the charge has been that the doctors have been murdered in order to stop them from exposing the alleged fact that an enzyme protein known as Nagalese is being added in those immunization shots.
Such claims have been made more explosive by stating that the protein is resulting in an increase in cases of cancer, Type 2 diabetes and autism for those who are vaccinated. Abnormally high percentages of the protein have been allegedly discovered when examining autistic children.

The cancer charges relate to information which states that Nagalese is supposedly having a negative effect on the nervous system by essentially blocking Vitamin D from aiding in the prevention of the disease. Those who support this theory also claim that cancer cells create Nagalese, which means that those undergoing vaccinations are having cancer injected into their body.

With regard to Type 2 Diabetes, no official connection to Nagalese is offered. Contemporary standard research among those who treat the disease have focused on the dramatic growth in obesity in all age groups over the past generation. In conjunction with that, the portion sizes of meals and greater availability of sugar-based food and drinks have been targeted as triggers for such a growth.

Despite such apparent conflicts, Dr. Ted Broer explained the alleged connection relating to Nagalese on the July 25 edition of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, a podcast that purports to focus on topics that standard media outlets ignore.

Amid claims that continued technical difficulties were due to concerted efforts to prevent the message Dr. Broer’s message from being heard, his appearance included queries about his state of health. Dr. Broer indicated that he was not suicidal, a statement that was made in order to deflect any claims in the future that, in the event of his death, personal issues served as the reason.

In attempting to address the alleged problem, an online website that focuses on assessing the validity of different claims made in all walks of life offered a detailed look at the issue in July. What they discovered was that many of instances of doctors dying either weren’t the result of them being murdered, that the doctor in question was not connected to holistic healing or were anonymously attributed to being part of the alleged conspiracy.

In one instance, 61-year-old Dr. James Bradstreet had been found dead in June 2015. At the time, police had ruled it a suicide, with information later discovering that Bradstreet had been the focal point of a raid by the Food and Drug Administration.

With the 2016 presidential campaign already eliciting volatile talk from some of the candidates and supporters of those individuals, there could be a chance of such controversial beliefs becoming integrated into that political conversations that follow throughout the year.