Mother Of Quadruplets Is Throwing Out Old Cribs. But This Blond Woman Has Different Plans…

Christina has quadruplets, two boys and two girls. They keep Christina on her toes. They are five years-old and in kindergarten. They have developed their own personalities and are always getting into things. The kids really keep their parents on their toes.

Christina’s life is hectic because she not only has quadruplets to care for, but she also works full-time. Her husband also works full-time. Fortunately, they have help. Christina’s mother helps out with the children after they get out of school.

Christina decided it was time to get rid of the old cribs. However, she did not want to throw them away. She decided to contact Leah Ashley and Tyra Banks. They solved Christina’s problem for just $50. They went in Christina’s garage and found the old cribs. They made a few modifications and turned the cribs into something that the twins could use today.

Tyra and Leah created play desks for the quadruplets. The kids now have an area where they can play, and mom and dad could not be more delighted. Christina always wanted a play area for her kids. This has also made things easier for Grandma. She can now spend more time cleaning up the house while the children play.

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