Mother Abandons Her Baby – And An Unlikely Stranger Steps Up To The Parenthood Plate

Two years ago, a Denver, Colorado man named George was working up on a traffic pole when he discovered a ruined squirrel’s nest. When he looked down, he spotted two baby squirrels that were only a few days old. Rather than moving on with the job, George decided to pick up the tiny squirrels and take them home.

He and his wife, Patty, had no idea how to care for the animals and were forced to do a great deal of research. Like puppies and kittens that are raised by hand, the squirrels required constant feedings and a great deal of love.

After naming the squirrels Ginger and Fred, the couple decided to record their daily experiences and post them to YouTube. The squirrels soon became a part of the family and even enjoyed interacting with the couple’s two dogs.

Finally, the day came when George and Patty knew they had to return Ginger and Fred to the wild where they belonged. After 70 days of tender loving care, the couple drove to the nearby Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue and let the beloved babies go. George described the experience as bittersweet and said the animals would be very much missed.

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