Monster Forces Her To Fight Against Her Own Sister – Watch Her Face When She Feels Love Again…

Monster Forces Her To Fight Against Her Own Sister – Watch Her Face When She Feels Love Again…

The sadistic world of illegal dog fighting has given the world its fair share of heartbreaking stories, but the tale of Trinity, a dog that was victimized by cruel proponents of this nefarious activity and even forced to fight her own litter mate has a happy ending thanks to an organization known as the Best Friends Animal Society.

The Best Friends Animal Society describes itself as an organization dedicated to stopping animals in shelters from being euthanized. Many dogs like Trinity, wounded in body and spirit from their forced participation in dog fighting, end up in shelters each year where they are destroyed. It is often hard to find individuals that will adopt these scarred animals despite the fact that they can become amazing companions.

Yet many like Trinity possess an amazing will to survive and become happy. Somehow their trust in humankind has not been completely destroyed. Trinity displays an eagerness to give and receive love and play with the passion of a puppy. She loves treats and cavorting outside just like any dog that was not subjected to such a horrible environment, proving that some dogs can be brought back from abuse and the brink of destruction.

A heartwarming video shows how well Trinity has overcome her challenges thanks to the help of the Best Friends Animal Society. Trinity is just one of millions of dogs that have been spared death in a shelter thanks to the work carried out by the organization since being founded in 1984.

Without question, rehabilitating dogs such as Trinity takes patience and devotion. Yet, when the animals respond by learning how to trust again, all of the time and effort becomes worth it. There is also an abiding hope that watching Trinity’s story will further inspire individuals to contribute their own resources in an effort to end dog fighting and save those dogs that have been harmed by the cruel monsters who participate in the events. Watch the video here!

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