Moms Unleash All Their Clever Life Hack Secrets In One Video! Check Out The Ingenuity:

The work of Mom’s is no easy job. No one can dispute the fact that from beginning to end Mom’s have some of the toughest work to do in the world. It is a rough, but rewarding occupation (so I’m told…), so mothers everywhere need life hacks that can help them get things done quicker and more efficiently.

The YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms is a place where moms can learn and helpful life hacks. One of their latest videos features several incredible hacks that make housework, kids arts and crafts, and even washing dishes much simpler. WhatsUpMoms recommends storing children’s paint in hand soap dispensers. Kids will no longer need to scream for more paint, and this life hack also keeps the paint from drying out between sessions.

Pouring marbles in between two baking pans can create a homemade lazy Susan. This simple creation makes it easy for children to find their art supplies without knocking everything over during the process. A muffin tray can be used as a portable arts and crafts carrying system. Old markers that have dried out can be placed in water to create beautiful watercolor paints.Cutting duct tape with scissors can seem impossible at times, but WhatsUpMoms recommends wiping scissors with baby wipes beforehand. Once the scissors have been wiped, they are able to cut duct tape with an incredible amount of ease.

Denatured alcohol can also be used afterwards as a simple solution to clean wall graphite after your artistic child is done making a catastrophic mess. Squirting glue on a sponge can help children use less glue. The glue-filled sponge can be pressed on paper to provide an adequate amount of glue to perform the necessary task.

All of these amazing life hacks are simple and inexpensive. Check out the video to watch exactly how these expert moms make their magic. Share your greatest life hacks!

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