Mom’s Newborn Baby Looks Ordinary, But The Truth? This Horse Is Hiding A Special Secret

Clysdale horses were first linked to Budweiser beer back in 1993, when August A. Busch, Jr. and Adolphus Busch gave a gift of the horses to their father on the seventh of April. The present was given to celebrate the end of prohibition, and those first twelve horses moved both father and sons to tears when they were presented.

Ever since then, the horses have been an icon of the brand, and they’ve been featured in multiple commercials and promotions for the company. One particularly heartwarming commercial aired during the 2014 superbowl, and featured the relationship between a young Clydesdale and his trainer.

The two are separated when the horse moves on to join one of Budweiser’s teams of Clydesdales, but are later reunited at an event where the team is featured.

While only males are eligible to join the team, one little foal got to play the role of the young horse. After the commercial aired Budweiser let fans help name her, and she was given the appropriate name of “Hope”.

While the commercial isn’t based on one particular story, the scenario isn’t that far from the truth. ABC news visited the Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, where most of the iconic horses are born and raised, and while they were there they got to talk to Jeff, the man responsible for caring for the horses until they’re about two years old. He’s worked with Budweiser Clydesdales for several decades, and his dedication in caring for the horses is incredible and heartwarming.

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