Mom Snaps A Photo Of A Sleeping Pit Bull, But Take A Closer Look At His Belly… What’s That?

A woman named Sherry and her daughter did something amazingly caring for a set of kittens when they rescued the three babies after their birth. The kittens had their eyes removed, but they were otherwise healthy. The mother and daughter had be cautious taking them home, though, as they have two pit bulls.

They didn’t know how the dogs would get along with the cats, but the mother soon had her answer when she took a picture of one of the dogs asleep. The dogs proved that they would care for the kittens and that they wouldn’t harm a hair on their heads. As soon as they met the new members of the family, they took up with them, making sure they were protected.

Sherry feels that the dogs had an instinct that the cats needed extra love. They acted like surrogate mothers to the cats. When the kittens were around the dogs, then dogs would nuzzle them and kiss them.

The kittens are even able to take naps on the backs of the dogs without the dogs trying to get them to move. The picture that Sherry took reveals how close the kittens can get to the dogs. It seems like they have made new friends for life.

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