Mom Points Her Camera At The Twins – What She Catches On Film Is Heartbreakingly CUTE…

Anyone who grew up with a brother or a sister understands all too well the special relationship that siblings share. They may fight from time to time, but the love they have for each other runs deep. These little spats often begin at a young age, but this video shows it may start even sooner than you think, especially with twins!

This mom’s little ones were content with sitting on the floor side by side until the baby on the right decided she wanted a pacifier. The problem really started when she realized that the only pacifier in sight was currently being used by her sister. So, like any sibling would do, she considered her options and decided to steal the pacifier right out of her sister’s mouth!

As expected, the sister on the left started crying the moment the pacifier left her lips. She had to fix the problem, so she decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and steal the pacifier back! Naturally, this act of restitution caused her sister to start crying, which motivated her to grab the pacifier once again. The scene is repeated between the twins about three more times before their mother stops recording them.

The viewers can only assume that the mother grabbed a second pacifier after she turned off the camera. It is hard for babies to learn to share, and when the object in question is a pacifier it is almost impossible. This cute video has been shared all over the internet and viewed nearly three million times. It resonates with viewers, because it captures the essence of sibling rivalry in just one minute and twelve seconds. These twins may not be using words, but there is no confusion about the message they are trying to communicate.

Share this precious video with your friends and family, as it is sure to brighten their day.

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