Mom Has To Twins – But When She Saw Their Hands, She Knew The Doctors Were WRONG…

Mom Has To Twins – But When She Saw Their Hands, She Knew The Doctors Were WRONG…

When Erika and Kristin’s mother was pregnant, she had no idea that she was pregnant with twins until she was about eight months along. Her doctor had told her that her twin girls were fraternal twins.

That meant that the girls had their own placenta and were in their own amniotic sac. As the girls grew older, their mother encouraged them to live separate lives outside of being twins. The girls took different classes in school, made separate friends, and participated in different activities. However there was no denying that Erika and Kristin certainly looked a lot like each other.

In fact, despite being told that they were fraternal twins, the girls looked nearly identical to one another. They had even noticed that they had the same “freakishly similar” hands. Growing up, the girls realized that they were mirror images of each other. If one smiled to the left, the other smiled to the right. They even lost their first baby tooth within hours of each other.

As the twins got older, they began to go their different paths. Despite Erika being family-focused and Kristin being career-focused, the two still felt a stronger bond than just being fraternal twins.

They decided to do a DNA test through 23andMe to see how close they really are. Turns out the doctor was wrong, the fraternal twins actually are identical twins! The sisters always knew that they had a stronger bond with each other and the test finally confirmed that their feelings were correct.

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