Mom Discovers Her Toddler Driving Off In His Red Car … And Someone Else Is At The Wheel

I don’t care what kind of day you’ve had – if an adorable dog at the wheel of a car doesn’t cheer you up, you should get yourself checked out.  Jessica Wolf was enjoying some recreational time with her little boy when she captured a truly classic moment between boy and dog on film:

While son, Oliver was taking his remote-controlled toy car out for a spin, their dog Daisy decided to jump on board to partake in the fun. The dog hops behind the wheel and starts helping to steer the car. After posting the video, Jessica wrote, “Our puppy really enjoys driving Oliver around in their car. No, it’s not a trick, she really does love being behind the wheel. Hope you all get a kick out of it.”

Oliver’s flashy red convertible is in good paws with daisy at the wheel. As Jessica explains, “[Daisy] seems to be a southpaw, as the car mostly pulls to the right when she’s driving. So sometimes I help her out a bit by pushing the wheel to the right, which she loves as it gives her the chance to drive left again. And of course I’m always right there to make sure that they don’t crash into anything.”

While most of the viewers lapped up this cuteness of the video, many people weren’t so quick to believe Daisy was a legit doggy driver. Thet claim that the entire thig was staged. Even if it is a real video, Daisy lacks the proper registration and licenses to operate motor vehicles … so the legality of this entire operation is questionable to say the least.

Check out the video! Let us know what you think: fake? or real? …

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