Mom Cries At Her Son’s Funeral, But Watch The White Balloon – Unbelievable

A little boy named Trebby passed away in September 2015. He lived in the Philippines. On the day of his funeral, his coffin was topped with white balloons, flowers and a framed portrait. Trebby’s mom, Joy, was overwhelmed with sadness at the funeral. However, she was able to get some comfort during the funeral. One of the white balloons started floating out of the coffin, and it floated towards Joy.

Joy began crying as the balloon brushed up against her. The balloon floated away, but it returned again. Joy believed that the balloon was trying to send a message to her. She spoke softly to the balloon. Joy thought that the balloon was her son’s way of saying his final goodbye.

The video of the funeral has gone viral. It has received over three million views. Many people were touched by the video. Others stated that it was eerie. Some people believe that the balloon was simply running out of helium.

However, many people believe the balloon was Trebby’s way of letting his mother know that everything was going to be okay. People have their different opinions, but the only thing that really matters is how Joy feels. She thinks that the experience is a miracle.

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