Mom And Dad Hold Up Signs, Oblivious To What’s Written On Them Or What’s About To Happen

Most people ask questions when they are told to do something strange. It’s a part of human nature. We are curious, so it is natural to ask “why?” – However, Rachel’s parents did not ask any questions when she asked them to pose for a picture. Even when they were asked to hold up a sign, they still did not ask any questions or didn’t the request suspicious.

After Rachel took a few pictures, her parents looked at the signs. Her father’s sign said “Grandpa,” and her mother’s sign said “Grandma.” The signs were Rachel’s way of telling her parents that she was expecting a baby …

Luckily, both parents were ecstatic to find out that they were going to be grandparents. However, Rachel’s mom seemed extra excited. She burst into tears of joy when she read the card.

The video has received over 522,000 views ever since it was first posted on YouTube. Rachel stated that her father had a stroke in 2012, and it affected his ability to read. However, when her father looked at the card, it was obvious that he could tell he was going to have another grandchild. It was a very touching video.

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