Michele Bachmann Admits: “I’m Advising Trump on Foreign Policy”

Michele Bachmann Admits: “I’m Advising Trump on Foreign Policy”

Well-known Tea Partier Michele Bachmann announced at a recent fundraiser for Donald Trump that she is serving the Trump campaign in the role of foreign policy advisor. In particular, she claims she is advising Trump extensively on the threat of radical Islam, both in her home state and around the world. She has also expressed that she does not believe President Barack Obama takes “the threat of radical Islam seriously,” and that she believes that the Republican presidential nominee does.

Bachmann served in Congress before running for the presidency in 2012. While she has not returned to serve in Congress, she has remained politically active. In addition to advising Trump on foreign policy, she is also a member of his Evangelical Advisory Board, which serves to inform Trump of policies important to Evangelicals and other American Christians.

Bachmann has indicated that Trump is “a common-sense guy, not into political correctness” and that he will turn the United States around economically in supposedly the same way he has turned around businesses. Trump’s history of bankrupting companies is globally famous, however, leading to questions of how she arrived at her assessment on Trump’s potential economic policy.

The former US representative has known and worked with Trump for five years, and has stated that she supports Trump’s proposal for stricter immigration practices, particularly for refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East. However, despite her work on the Trump campaign, she has yet to endorse Trump’s candidacy.

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