Michael Bublé Assumes That Audience Is Clapping For Him… But They Are Looking Straight Past Him

Michael Buble has become one of the biggest names in adult contemporary music with a smooth voice and breezy style that hearken back to the glory days of the Rat Pack. He packs in thousands at his concerts to hear such hits as “Home,” “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “It’s a Beautiful Day.” The Canadian singer is also known for having a lively sense of humor. One noteworthy example of this concerns his antics involving another famous singer.

Josh Groban is one of Buble’s best-known contemporaries. Though his operatic style is very different, he enjoys popularity with the same demographic. He rose to heights of fame after his rendition of the Celtic-tinged inspirational anthem “You Raise Me Up” touched a nerve with a jittery public in the aftermath of 9-11. Buble began to entertain his audience with an impersonation of Groban, poking gentle fun at the young impresario with his imitation.

The laughter in the audience soon turned to applause and a figure stepped out from the shadows and began to perform himself. The singer was Groban himself, and his surprise appearance thrilled those in attendance at the concert.

The light-hearted duet between Buble and Groban that followed was the talk of fans for days to come, and it remains one of the most memorable moments from Buble’s many concerts. The adult contemporary scene is certainly lucky to have two such talented and funny young men among their ranks.

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