Mexican Beer Ad Trolls the Sh*t Out of Trump – Salud!

In an election cycle when previously unthinkable events have occurred, reality star Donald Trump has grabbed headlines for promoting the idea of a wall between Mexico and the United States. Stirring up tensions between the two friendly countries, he has even gone as far as to visit the current Mexican president.

Both sides claim that the other would pay for this wall, and the former president of Mexico continues to speak out over Trump’s proposed policies. And now a beer brand is weighing in on Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric—with a beautiful ad.

Tecate is not a brand that one would usually associate with politics, but they’ve created a new commercial that is stirring up quite a buzz. Featuring two groups of men who meet at a wall, presumably at the Mexican and U.S. border, it seems at first as if there is tension between the two groups. But then they break out the Tecate beer—and the party commences.

The men reach over the barrier between them, shaking hands and bridging the gap between different groups, just enjoying a drink with one another. In a culture of rabid divisiveness that has been stoked by demagogue Donald Trump, it’s this kind of unity that reminds us we are all human. After all, during an election when the Republican candidate for president can’t even speak coherently, everyone needs a beer.

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