Meet These Brave Indiana Republicans Who Said ‘NO’ To Legal Discrimination

Meet These Brave Indiana Republicans Who Said ‘NO’ To Legal Discrimination

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana has been causing quite a stir, particularly because of the refusal of governor Mike Pence to tell everyone whether or not the law is going to be allowing discrimination against homosexuals.

The GOP caucus was told tat they could “vote their conscience” on this bill. Five Republican House members voted against it. The Indianapolis Star decided to talk to these five individuals.

Greg Beumer didn’t talk to this paper, but he talked to the Winchester News-Gazette and cited “personal reasons” as what made him vote against the bill. He admitted that he may not have voted the same way had there been doubt that the bill would pass, but felt free to vote however he wanted because it was clear that it would. Cindy Kirchhofer was all about her constituents, 75 percent of whom made it clear that they did not want the bill.

Sean Eberhart said that his constituents did not seem to care before he voted, but he is now getting more support than condemnation for his vote. Tom Saunders thought the law was a bad idea, and that it sent a “divisive message.” Ed Clere has been the most vocal, saying that the bill is about more than just religious freedom. He states, “Do we want our sign to say ‘Welcome?’ Or do we want our sign to say ‘Closed for Business?’ Or ‘Certain people aren’t welcome?’ Or, as some have suggested, ‘We don’t accept fill-in-the-blank?'”

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