Mark Hamill About Trump’s Cabinet: ‘It’s a Who’s-Who of Really Despicable People’

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has caused many people to speak out against him. In the early part of the 2016 presidential campaign, the following of Donald Trump seemed to be more of a cult, and no one really ever thought it was going to work. Over the course of the presidential campaign, the following grew stronger. On election day of 2016, America was stunned to learn that the next president will be Donald Trump. Many celebrities took to social media to describe their displeasure with the decision. The most recent celebrity that has come out to express concern is Mark Hamill.

Mark Hamill is best known as the actor who played (and still plays) Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. He also has a new show called “Pop Culture Quest”. When interviewed recently about the show, Hamill describes in multiple different ways his displeasure with not only Trump, but the American government in general.

He specifically decided to reference the people that are on Trump’s list of staff members that could potentially be appointed when he is put in office. Hamill does seem to have a point. Some staff picks that Trump has set up are truly scary. There have been multiple people rumored to have positions in the future US government that have terrible backgrounds and aren’t even qualified in some instances.

You can argue that there may be a similarity to the fictional Star Wars world and the United States. The 2016 presidential campaign divided the country over multiple issues. So much division that many citizens have even threatened to leave the country if the candidate that they backed was not chosen. It has caused many to go far left, or far right. In Star Wars, there is an empire and a rebellion. Hopefully, there will not be an all-out war between the two sides in the U.S., but Donald Trump would make a good villain.

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