Marine’s Dad Accepts Honor Son’s Behalf, But Receives A Surprise Instead!

Lance Corporal James Webb of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina’s 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines who is stationed in Afghanistan, surprised his family when they were asked to come to the Rutgers vs Michigan game.

Lance Corporal Webb’s father and brother were accepting an award on Lance Corporal Webb’s behalf, awarded to him by The Rutgers Athletics Department and Rutgers Reserves Officers Training Corps (ROTC), who honors and recognizes a soldier from their local community for their service to our Country. Lance Corporal Webb is a resident of the Highland Park area.

As Lance Corporal Webb’s father, James, who had been accompanied by Lance Corporal Webb’s brother stood in the end zone at the beginning of the second quarter, waiting to accept Lance Corporal Webb’s award. Lance Corporal Webb, who had been hiding in the tunnel at the south end zone came running out onto the field.

Father James was extremely surprised when out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lance Corporal Webb running out onto the field. The family was unaware that he had returned to the United States from service in Afghanistan. In an emotional reunion with his father, amidst hugs and handshakes Lance Corporal Webb was greeted with cheers and an ovation from the crowd.

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