Man Attends 5-Year-Old’s Funeral As Spider-Man, You Won’t Believe Who He REALLY Is…

In April 2016, the mother of Joshua Garcia noticed that her son was missing. To her horror, she found that her son had drown in the pool in her backyard. She immediately called the police and moments later Officer Damon Cole arrived and tried to save the life of the boy.

Unfortunately, the boy died and Officer Cole was invited the funeral. When the family of Joshua asked Officer Cole to attend the funeral, they asked him to do something special for their boy in heaven. Officer Cole noticed that the boy had Spider-Man attire when he was pulled from the pool and was told that Spider-Man was Joshua’s favorite superhero.

Officer Cole routinely visited children with cancer dressed as various superheroes in his custom Superman Dodge Charger. It was his honor to attend Joshua’s funeral dressed in his Spider-Man costume. Through the entire duration of the funeral, Officer Cole stayed dressed as Spider-Man standing right next to the boy’s casket.

Hundreds of people attended Joshua’s funeral, and Joshua himself was buried in his own Spider-Man costume. Through Officer Cole’s presence at the funeral and what he did for Joshua, he’s helping the Garcia family find peace after their son’s death.

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