Mama Cow Is Crying Because She Can’t Find Her Baby. When They’re Finally Reunited? AWW!

In April, 2009, The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, California rescued a cow from dangerous conditions. At the time of the rescue, they didn’t realize the cow, who they named Karma, had given birth just before they arrived and they ended up leaving the calf behind. Cows have very maternal instincts, so she immediately started calling for her newborn. When they realized their mistake, they went back and rescued the calf as well.

The rescue team returned the next day with the calf. Immediately when Karma saw the trailer, she got up and called out, hoping for her child to be inside. When the calf was taken out of the trailer, Karma tried to get to him.

Although he had difficulty walking due to stress and tiredness, the rescue team managed to reunite the calf and cow together.

After lying on the ground for a moment in exhaustion, the calf gets up and starts drinking milk straight from his mother.

The Gentle Barn recorded the video and posted it to YouTube in order to show that cows were extremely intelligent, instinctual creatures that held strong mother and child ties. It also helped spread the word about their organization in a heartwarming way.

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