Maddow Brought To Tears Discussing Mike Pence’s Intense Homophobia

Rachel Maddow, the host of MSNBC’s “the Rachel Maddow Show,” came to tears on her show recently while she discussed former Indiana governor and Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s stand on the LGBT community and the legal discrimination he enacted while governor.

Pence was able to enact legislation that made it a felony to lie on a marriage application in Indiana. The legislation made it impossible for gay couples to fill out their marriage application forms truthfully.

Many in the LGBT community fear Trump and Pence’s stance on the same-sex marriage and how Pence’s views on funding for HIV/AIDS research calls for major cutbacks and how the money should be used for other programs, such as “gay conversion therapy” for teens. Maddow fears that Pence, as Trump’s Vice President, will spearhead the progress the LGBT community made under President Obama.

Maddow explained that many of Pence’s views on the gay community remained hidden because of the attention the media gave to his running mate. Maddow goes on to say that Mike Pence is “out there” on his views toward the gay community, more than any other elected official in the United States. Maddow was visually emotional during her broadcast and stated that gay couples who apply for a marriage license in Indiana could go to jail under Pence’s legislation.

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