Look Closely At This Little Boy. People Call Him A Baby, But His Real Age? Wow. Never Give Up!

Grant gets mistaken for his little brother’s twin all the time. This wouldn’t be a problem, except Grant is six and his little brother is only one. With such a huge age gap, why would people think they’re twins? It turns out Grant suffers from diastrophic dysplasia, otherwise known as dwarfism.

Instead of feeling like an outcast, Grant uses his size as a teaching experience for people big and small.

With the help of his mother, Grant was able to create a YouTube video showing his positive message about the differences people have and how those differences should be embraced. First, he talks about how he’s like any normal 6-year-old child. It shows him running, playing, reading, and even drawing. Then he starts getting into how he’s human, just like everyone else and how being pointed out as a baby hurts his feelings because of his actual age.

Where his message could have ended there, Grant’s wisdom continues to shine as he says that his wish for the world is that people could just love one another, even though conflict and difference. Regardless of appearance, Grant says that, “everyone is just a loving person. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, black or white, or whether you can walk or are in a wheelchair.”

He’s young but far wiser than many adults in the world. Maybe we could all learn a lesson or two from Grant and his large heart.

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