Lonely Elderly Widow Waves To Students Every Morning – Then One Day They Call Her OutSide…

Recently, high school students at Highland Secondary School decided to thank an elderly widow who had brought happiness into their lives. Tinney Davidson and her husband for several years had made a practice of waving and smiling at youngsters walking past their front yard on the way to attend classes. Many of the young people returned the friendly gesture. Over the course of time, the couple developed a ritual of standing near the window and extending a welcoming wave towards passers by.

A few years ago, Mr. Davidson passed away. However, Tinney continued the family tradition of waving and smiling at local high school students. He enthusiastic greeting brightened the day of many of the pupils.

As a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, some of the students decided to invite Mrs. Davidson to attend a high school assembly on Valentine’s Day. They thanked her for her friendly gesture of waving every day and presented videotaped Valentine’s Day greetings. Their kindness brought tears of joy to the elderly woman. She happily thanked the school and the students for the welcome they had provided to her.

The simple act of smiling and waving in a friendly manner at total strangers can help spread happier feelings throughout a community. People around the world appreciate these simple acts of acknowledgment and friendship!

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