Little Girls Face Off In A Judo Competition And It’s An Overdose Of Cuteness

Individuals that take part in judo competitions are usually focused on winning their particular match, using the techniques they’ve learned and combining that with strategic maneuvers. In the case of two girls, both of whom were likely not older than the age of four, the ensuing battle took on a completely different dynamic.

Instead of grapping for an immediate edge, the two young girls began by essentially rocking back and forth before then falling simultaneously. The taller of the two girls raises her arms toward the referee, who directs her back to continue her competition and assists the smaller girl in getting up.

The two girls then offer exaggerated bows to each other, which elicits some laughter from some of the crowd attending. The taller girl manages to pull the smaller one down before then getting up to briefly spin around. That’s followed by another head bow, which precedes two consecutive simultaneous takedowns.

After yet another dual takedown, the taller girl is then seen offering such an exaggerated head bow that she stumbles backward and falls. The taller girl takes down the smaller one, and after one more exaggerated head bow, the two virtually hug each other as they fall to the ground. The official then ends the competition by lifting up both girls and carrying them off to the applause of some attendees.

The concept behind the teaching judo to children of any age, including those at the age of the girls, is that they’ll be able to learn life lessons within the training. Such aspects as discipline, confidence, strength and the idea of dealing with winning and losing are the expected attributes that can be gained.

The video was first posted online in April 2014, and in just over 22 months has already garnered over 4.8 million views.

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