Little Girl Hears Her Grandma Curse and Goes On a TIRADE That’s Melting Hearts Everywhere

When children hear adults say words that are considered bad, they sometimes repeat those words to other adults and to their friends. Josephine is a little girl who is considered a “Diva In Training” by her family. Her father has a website where he has shared many videos over the past 2 years. Over 7,000 people subscribe to the site. At 23 months old, Josephine sang “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.” That video has over 8 million views.

Josephine has another video that could get enough views to top that number. She heard her grandmother say a bad word one day. The entire event was captured on camera. Josephine said that she wasn’t talking to her grandmother because she was really upset.

Her family tries to calm her down, but Josephine clearly lets them know that it’s not a funny situation. She explains that she is going to tell her mommy and daddy what her grandmother said. She is also going to take a nap when she gets home and be upset when she wakes up from her nap.

Josephine speaks like an adult in the video, voicing her concerns over what her grandmother said. However, she will talk to her friend Kirsten. She just won’t talk to Mimi because of the bad words that she said. She said the word “poop”, and Josephine just doesn’t think that’s a good thing to say.

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