Little Girl Challenges A Marine To A Push Up Contest. What Happens Next? I Couldn’t Believe It!

To become a member of the United States Marine Corps, one must first endure the rigorous Marine Corps boot camp.

This boot camp involves elite training methods, and it is capable of breaking even some of the strongest people. Throughout boot camp, Marine recruits endure sleepless nights, extreme heat and cold, mud, rain, and much more to become members of one of the most elite branches of the United States Military.

Marines also spend some of their time traveling within their local community in order to recruit new members. One day, a group of Marines and Marine Cadets were at their local mall working on recruiting new members. They were all surprised when a little girl came up to one of their members and insisted they have a push-up contest.

Everyone became even more surprised when the little girl beat the Marine. The crowd that gathered seemed to be in agreement that the little girl had won the contest. She successfully did more push-ups than the Marine, but some may have argued that her push-up form wasn’t as good as his.

Regardless, her confidence and strength at such a young age would surely make her a great candidate for the Marines some day.

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