Little Boy Was Dying To See The Gorilla. What Happens When They Come Face To Face? AWW!

Inter-species friendship stories are always good for a heart-warming internet moment. But this one deserves a major “aww!”

A little boy made an unlikely BFF during his first trip to the zoo — a baby gorilla!

Two-year-old Isiah Chute had all eyes on him and his new pal, a two-year-old gorilla named Kamoli, as they struck up an adorable game of peek-a-boo at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, and it was all captured on an amazing video.

Chute, who his parents say is a big lover of gorillas, showed no fear as he and Kamoli playfully chased each other with protective glass between them. Kamoli can even be seen hiding then peeking out from behind a tree, much to young Isiah’s delight.

Isiah’s parents seemed to be just as delighted as Isiah as they watched their little guy giggle nonstop with his new bud. “Get him Isiah!” his mother could be heard saying. “I can’t believe he’s doing this,” a man, presumably his father, says.

The new friends eventually got tuckered out from all the running around and laughing. “He’s tired,” Isiah’s mom said about a pooped Kamoli.

The game is over, but it’s surely an experience Isiah will never forget.

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