Libertarian Party Just Abandons Hope of Winning To Focus Energies Defeating Donald Trump

Gary Johnson is the libertarian presidential nominee. He has admitted that he does not believe he is meant to be president. However, he stated that he has shifted his focus to beating Trump. Bill Weld is Gary Johnson’s running mate. He has stated that he also believes that Gary Johnson will never be president. Bill believes that no one is more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton.

Gary Johnson has received more support than any other libertarian candidate years. Polls have shown that has been around seven percent of the votes. Many of Gary Johnson’s supporters are republicans who do not like Trump. Many people believe that it is a big risk for Bill Weld to make a public departure.

Gary Johnson said on Twitter a few days ago that he was having trouble finding a foreign leader to look up to. Some people have stated that one of the reasons that Gary Johnson is not qualified to be president is because he does not know a lot about foreign affairs.

People are encouraged to vote their conscience. However, Johnson supporters are also encouraged to vote for Hillary in order to stop Donald Trump from being the next president of America.

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