Libertarian Party Concedes Election, Stuns America With New 2016 Endorsement

Libertarian Party Concedes Election, Stuns America With New 2016 Endorsement

While Gary Johnson is still officially running for the White House as a Libertarian, most Americans do not expect him to win. Indeed, third-party candidates have generally only had the effect of taking a few points away from either the Republican or Democratic nominees in America. As of today, Johnson has an average of only 5 percentage points in the presidential polls.

Despite their almost certain defeat, the Libertarian Party is getting heavily involved in this latest presidential election. A recent statement put out by the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee, Bill Weld, is actually turning a few heads today. Although he did not mention her name in his endorsement, it is clear that Weld favors the Democrat Hillary Clinton over the Republican Donald Trump.

Weld begins this letter, which was published on the Libertarian Party’s official website, by saying that he’s very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a major American presidential election. Weld also thanked Gary Johnson for all his hard work and determination.

As the letter went on, Weld admitted that the Libertarian Party has a long way to go before it becomes as mainstream as the Republican and Democratic Parties. However, Weld is hopeful that someday the Libertarians will break through the two-party dominance in the USA.

To further the cause of the Libertarian Party, Weld believes the party has to keep on nominating strong and capable leaders, just like they did this year. In case you did not know, both Johnson and Weld served as governors of two U.S. states. Johnson served as Governor of New Mexico, and Weld served as Governor of Massachusetts.

After these opening remarks, Weld wrote about his own personal opinions about Donald Trump. Weld said that he believes Trump would not be able to deal with the stress of being the U.S. President. Although he admits that Trump has great charisma and intellectual acuity, Weld believes that Trump would become easily “unhinged” if he were to win the presidency.

The main reason Weld is concerned over a Trump presidency is due to Trump’s inability to control his emotions. Weld also feels that Trump would not be able to handle criticism very well. He fears Trump could easily lash out at foreign dignitaries and stoke aggressions from other nations. Weld even compared Trump to a “child.”

Weld closed this letter by telling all voters not to take this election lightly. It’s easy, Weld said, to be won over by Trump’s entertaining persona, but Weld feels it would be a grievous mistake to elect him into the most important office in the world.

Weld did not say to go out and vote for Clinton, but he certainly said not to vote for Trump. Weld believes that any candidate, whether they come from the Libertarian Party, the Democratic Party, or even the Green Party, is better a safer option than a Trump White House.

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