Let’s Not Forget That Even Bush Sr Voted For Hillary. It’s Time To #DumpTrump

Let’s Not Forget That Even Bush Sr Voted For Hillary. It’s Time To #DumpTrump

The nastiness that’s been one of the central components of the 2016 presidential election has sparked bitter words between opposing candidates and led to frustration with the two main choices available. In the case of Republican nominee Donald Trump, his victory has apparently brought with it recriminations that could potentially have an effect on his chances to win the presidency.

That belief is based on the apparent decision by former Republican President George H.W. Bush to vote for Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The 92-year-old Bush, who served from 1989 to 1993 as the nation’s 41st President, reportedly provided that bit of information to Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend during a meeting on September 19.

Townsend, a Democrat who previously served as lieutenant governor of Maryland and is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, met with the former President in Maine. Afterwards, she posted a photo on social media of her shaking hands with Bush and indicated his supposed voting preference.

The information created a major furor over the prospect of a former President choosing to go against his party. In an effort to quell any further discussion of the topic, Bush’s spokesman indicated simply that the former President would be casting a private ballot in November and that no further comments would be made on the subject.

To many who have been closely following the campaign over the past few years, the story has a good deal of credibility. That belief is based on the basic fact that Trump defeated Bush’s son, Jeb, the former governor of Florida, during the primary campaign.

The idea that such anger was because his son was defeated wouldn’t necessarily be cause for the apparent bitterness. The true reason would most likely be connected to the fact that Trump repeatedly ridiculed Bush during the campaign, specifically depicting the younger Bush as a “low energy” candidate.

Jeb Bush, who was considered by many in the Republican Party as the likely nominee, was never able to gain any momentum and ended his campaign in February. That decision came after he received less than 10 percent of the vote during the South Carolina primary, finishing in fourth place.

Prior to that vote, Bush had enlisted the services of his brother, former President George W. Bush, who served from 2001 and 2009. Trump had previously attacked George W. Bush for beginning the Iraq War in 2003, claiming that he had been against the controversial conflict from the beginning. That claim has since been challenged by further investigation.

In the event that those circumstances didn’t bolster the claim, a number of media outlets pointed out that since leaving office, the Bush family has been able to forge a strong friendship Trump’s Democratic opponent, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, specifically her husband, another former President.

Following the December 2004 tsunami, George H.W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton worked together to raise money to help victims of the massive tragedy. That was the beginning of their strong connection, which former First Lady Barbara Bush described as being close to a father and son relationship.

One final reason being offered as to why the Bush family wouldn’t vote for Trump relates to his controversial remarks that have sparked outrage. Despite the fact that two members of the same family were former Republican Presidents, neither Bush attended the Party’s July convention in Cleveland.

Realistically, George H.W. Bush would not have attended in any case, primarily because of his declining health over the past decade. That decline has relegated him to being transported in a wheelchair.

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