Leonardo DiCaprio Is Sick And Tired Of The GOP Lies And Finally Does THIS…

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Sick And Tired Of The GOP Lies And Finally Does THIS…

It is no secret that the Republican presidential candidates do not believe in climate change. In fact, both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have been denying the climate change every time they are asked about it.

Trump has denied that the climate change even exists. He believes that it is a hoax created by the Chinese government in order to keep competition down with American businesses. Trump has recently said about the climate change that he is not “a great believer in man-made climate change.

I’m not a great believer. I think our biggest form of climate change we should worry about is nuclear weapons.” Candidate Ted Cruz on the other hand is being backed by donations from fossil fuel magnates, and thereby has to deny the climate change to keep his donors happy.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is not standing idly by while these candidates continue to deny that a climate change is taking place. While in Japan recently at a press conference for his new film, “the Revenant”, DiCaprio stated “we should not have a candidate who doesn’t believe in modern science to be leading our country.

Climate change is one of the most concerning issues facing all humanity and the United States needs to do its part.” DiCaprio’s charity recently donated $5 million to the small island country Seychelles to go towards their ocean conservation efforts and to fight against climate change.

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