Large And In Charge: Fredrick the Great Stallion Is An INCREDIBLE Beast!! Watch What He Does

Frederik the Great is a visually stunning black horse who also happens to be one smart ungulate mammal. He’s among one of the planet’s finest Friesian stallions, too. Frederik even has a bunch of devoted enthusiasts who follow his every show.

When Frederik the Great moves, he does so with utter grace and elegance. Although he’s undeniably a massive creature, he’s never awkward in his movements and actions. He is perfectly comfortable in his own beautiful skin. A video clip shows him enjoying playtime with some of his best and closest “people” buddies. Despite all these incredible qualities, Fredrick could certainly work on his dance moves.

In the video clip, his talented trainer  instructs him to approach her for playtime. This prompts cheeky Frederik to move in fore a kiss. Frederik the Great is always surrounded by love and care – all thanks to the dedicated people in his life.

When you view this video clip, pay close attention. You’ll be mesmerized. Fredrick is an excellent example of the splendor of Friesian stallions. If you want to feast your eyes on a magnificent horse that will truly make your jaw drop, check out this fascinating video clip of the wonderful and impressive Frederik the Great.

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