Lady Lays An Elephant Ear On This Bed Of Sand – In 48 Hours, It Is A Backyard Beauty!

The elephant ear plant is one that looks like an elephant ear once it begins to grow. It can reach large sizes and is often seen in groups that are displayed outdoors or in a large room of the home.

Donna Priester is a woman who can transform the elephant ears from the plants into large pieces of art that can be prominently placed outside for a beautiful lawn sculpture.

You want to use a leaf that has deep veins. These will show up the best on the cast that is made. Pour a large amount of sand onto a baking tray. Create a mound with the sand so that it’s larger than the leaf that is used.

You can make the mound so that it’s in the shape of the leaf with the center of the mound higher as this is how the design of the leaf usually looks. You will use dry vinyl concrete patch to water, placing it on the leaf so that it hardens. The result will be like a stone cast of the leaf that you can paint or that you can position in an area of the yard so that it looks like you have an over-sized elephant ear.

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